Red & Golden Delicious!

Looking for something Delicious this Columbus Day Weekend? Look no further than LynOaken Farms!! Both Golden Delicious and Red Delicious are now open for picking! And there are still plenty of other varieties to pick as well! We are open Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm and Monday 10am-5pm.

Red Flesh Apples

PINK PEARMAIN Click on the link below for a list of red flesh apples!  We have several of these varieties in our Heritage U-Pick Orchard.  

Jonagold, Macoun & Early Fuji

The Jonagold’s are ready in the orchard! And so are Macoun and our early Fuji variety. All three are sweet, juicy, and delicious! And we still have plenty of Empire, Cortland, and McIntosh to give you a wide range of flavors and textures! This is prime apple-picking season so don’t miss it!

Heritage Orchard U-pick

Come visit our Heritage Orchard! We have over 350 little-known varieties from all over the world, dating from 450AD to present day. Think beyond the ordinary apple!

Happy 1st day of fall!

Cool nights are ripening the apples quickly so there are lots of varieties to pick this week! Come out for the tried and true and discover one of our 300 heritage varieties while you’re here! And don’t forget to try our fresh pressed cider!