APPLE OF THE WEEK IS BACK… with a specialty twist!

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These specialty apples are rapidly becoming everyone’s new favorites! If you have not had the pleasure of wrapping your lips around one of these delicious apples then now is the perfect time to give them a tray. We are offering an unheard of 25% OFF on a different specialty apple each week starting January 21st until February 10th.
Available only at LynOaken Farms on the Ridge,10609 Ridge Rd, Medina NY 14103.Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-5pmand Sunday 12pm-5pm.


25% OFF January 21 – January 27
10 years in the making and developed by Cornell University’s apple breeding program, RubyFrost apples reaching their peak flavor in the winter months. RubyFrost is an excellent choice for warm seasonal dishes, as well as an ideal baking apple thanks to its plump, luscious size. RubyFrost apples are the perfect balance of sweet and tart, deep and rich with a hearty crunch and ideal crisp texture. Be sure to try RubyFrost’s cousin apple, SnapDragon which was also developed by Cornell University.


  • Perfect balance of sweet and tart
  • Deep and rich with a hearty crunch and ideal crisp texture


  • Excellent for eating, RubyFrost is the ultimate baking apple. Great for recipes both savory and sweet.


  • RubyFrost is very high in Vitamin C and slow to brown, making it ideal for pies and tarts.


25% OFF January 28 – February 3
A new New York apple characterized by “monster crunch.” One of its parents is the Honeycrisp, and you’ll love the spicy/sweet flavor. Along with RubyFrost®, SnapDragon is one of two exciting new apples that were 10 years in the making and developed by Cornell University’s apple breeding program.


  • Extra sweet, with hints of vanilla and spice. 
  • Two-napkin juicy
  • Crispy texture


  • Excellent for fresh eating, great for salads, and gourmet recipes. Pack a Snap for a sweet and healthy snack.


  • If you like Honeycrisp, you’ll love SnapDragon. Annual high demand means the SnapDragon won’t be here long. Get yours before they’re all snapped up.


25% OFF February 4 – February 10
When you pick up a SweeTango, you’ve got a special breed in your hands — anything but “just another apple.” This favorite apple.
While SweeTango stands out as a solo act, this apple also shines as part of an ensemble, adding unique zest to a wide variety of apple recipes ranging from classic to to cutting edge.


SweeTango tastes like none other. We like to say SweeTango makes your taste buds dance. The SweeTango has a texture similar to ‘Honeycrisp’ with a slightly tart and citric quality. The name “SweeTango” is a portmanteau of the words sweet and tangy.


Our story begins at the University of Minnesota, where expert apple breeders – using time-honored horticultural techniques – struck gold by marrying the Honeycrisp and Zestar varieties. (Honeycrisp was the bride, and Zestar! the groom … seriously!) The offspring of this happy couple is Minneiska, the tree that gives us the SweeTango apple. Soon after came the creation of the Next Big Thing cooperative, a group of committed apple growers selected to cultivate SweeTango. The cooperative includes some of the best apple growers in the world. Only members of Next Big Thing can grow SweeTango, which allows us to maintain top quality and ensure that SweeTango is the best apple around, year after year. Introduced in 2009, SweeTango has earned raves for its standout flavor and texture. SweeTango, a seasonal apple harvested in early fall, is available during apple season across the United States and Canada.When SweeTango season hits, don’t miss your chance to stock up on this superior variety of apple.